March 2020: “What I do know is that it is in your hands.”

In this time when we are both afraid and courageous, both closer to death and acutely alive, the choice about how we are going to respond – how we are going to face this specter together – is in our hands. Are we going to uphold the status quo and give in to despair? Or are we going to live like Jesus, establishing community in radical ways, bringing hope, and being Christ today in the hour of our need?

October 2019: (Non-Toxic Christianity) Penal Substitutionary Atonement

Penal substitutionary atonement says that the violent way that Jesus died was not only unavoidable but necessary because it was God’s plan to absolve us. It ignores the context in which Jesus was killed, because it’s about what God ordained. It ignores the fact that he was tortured and murdered by an empire with seemingly endless power. It was God’s will, so it’s all fine – it’s fair. And why should we fault the empire for carrying out God’s will?

September 2019: (Non-Toxic Christianity) The Doctrine of Depravity

The notion of depravity says that people are like mud – not worth much except for the stray diamond that may or may not be in it. But the belief that we are all made in the image of God says that people are like riverbeds – mixed up together with gold, lined with stones that are beautiful, with water running over us, changing us, shaping us.

June 2019: The Practice of Coming Out

The great thing is that none of us fully know God in God’s entirety, but in relationship with each other, we can exchange whispers of the God we’ve spied along the way, kind of like kids carrying notes to each other about something great to come, or like travelers on a long journey, stopping along the way to talk about the foods they’ve eaten or the spices they’ve smelled or the wind they’ve felt at their backs.